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TAER operates in the field of precision engineering since 1977, year in which it was established. Initially, it acted as subcontracting company for companies in the area of Vicenza; then, it gradually evolved over time, adapting to the technological process and constantly investing in equipment, personnel and organization.
This continuous improvement in the company's resources has enabled TAER to attain a high quality production level, certified by RINA in December 1999 according to the standard UNI EN ISO 9002, as well as to reduce the execution time, implementing the modern philosophy of "just in time" delivery.
The company, which currently operates in the region and abroad, provides various sectors: wine production, mechanical engineering, medical industry, gas distribution, etc. The company is now located in Gambugliano (VI) at about 12 Km from the motorway exit of Vicenza Ovest, and it has a workshop covering 1000 square meters.

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Taer sedeTaer - Mechanical turning company - Vicenza
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TAER SRL - via dell'Artigianato 12, 36050 Gambugliano (Vicenza) - Tel 0444/951633, Fax 0444/952542 - - P.IVA 02963730243